Koninklijke Nederlandse Vereninging voor weer en sterrenkunde
7th Of May 2003
The transit is recorded by Henk Masselink and Henk Bril, with assistance of Marion Iris van der Linden, using a Philips ToUCam PRO camera (webcam) that was attached with a adapter, constructed by Herman ten Haaf, in the primary focus of a 8”Celestron C8 Schmidt Cassegrain telescope fitted with a Mylar solarscreen filter.

The images werd recorded on a notebook PC (Celeron 1100 MHz processor with 128 Mb internal memory) through the USB-port with the standard software of the ToUCam PRO (VRecord) as AVI-file.

A movie with a duration of 15 seconds makes a file of circa 90Mbyte with the chosen resolution of 640x480 and 15 images/second.

For the editing all movies werd transformed tot bmp-files using the AVI2BMP software. The BMP’s werd stacked and edited using ASTROSTACK 2. In this process 15 images were stacked to one image.

A number of images were eventually transformed back to AVI (and MPEG) using Pinnacle Studio 8 SE. An overall acceleration of a factor 5 was obtained because each image was frozen for 0.2 seconds.

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