ESOP XXV 25 -27 August 2006
the Dutch Occultation Association
25th European Symposium on Occultation Projects
25th-27th August 2006
The Netherlands
The board of DOA en IOTA-ES invites all members, friends, and others, who are interested in occultation phenomena, to join the ESOP XXV. The ESOP (European Symposium on Occultation Projects) is a yearly conference to bring together professional and amateur astronomers who are interested in occultation phenomena of stars by bodies within our solar system.
Such as:
      • Moon
      • Planets
      • Satellites of planets
      • Rings of planets
      • Asteroids
      • Eclipses
      • etc.
Papers are presented on the results of studies and observation. Also proposals will be presented for work, ephemeris, instrument and software techniques, image processing, organisation of new expeditions, new methods, etc.

The ESOP XXV will be held in Leiden. Leiden, with a famous university, where great names have worked like Oort, is located between Amsterdam and The Hague. ESOP XXV is being organised by DOA, the Dutch Occultation Association. This association is an associate of the Royal Dutch Society for Meteorology and Astronomy (KNVWS) which counts about 4000 members, about 70 are member of DOA.

This ESOP XXV is not only a milestone in ESOP, DOA reaches a milestone too. The Association celebrates its 60th anniversary. DOA is one of the first associations in the world dedicated to occultation projects.

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