the Dutch Occultation Association
25th European Symposium on Occultation Projects
25th-27th August 2006
Travel Information
Leiden is located between Amsterdam and The Hague in the western part of The Netherlands. It is near the beaches of the North Sea (about 7 km). To get to Leiden by car is only possible by using motorways (Leiden: A4 / E19).

Note the vicinity of Leiden is very prone to heavy traffic and often lengthy traffic jams. The city of Leiden is difficult to cross by car. Therefore it is preferential to stay in a hotel at the edge of the city. The “Sterrewacht Leiden” can be reached easy by city coaches. If you try by car, nearest parking, called “Haagweg” is a 15 minutes walk. Parking is expensive: € 3.- per hour.

If you park where it is not allowed you can receive heavy fines. If you get a penalty ticket it will be about € 65.- and it is also possible your car will be towed away by the police. You can get it back somewhere out of the town and the costs are very high, more than € 175.-, excluding the penalty ticket! So be sensible and use coaches or walk.

The lecture location can be reached easily by car.
Free parking area is near the entrance.

Some Details
Coordinates Observatory: N52°9’17” E4°29’2”
Coordinates Symposium site: N52°10’2” E4°27’34”

How to get to Leiden by Car:

  • From Denmark, Germany North: Via Amersfoort-Amsterdam
  • From Gemany (middle and South): Via Utrecht
  • From Belgium and France: Via Antwerp - Rotterdam
  • Use for route planner: MAP 24
  • Parking near “Sterrenwacht” Use street: Haagbeek in Leiden
  • Parking near Symposium site Use street: Niels Bohrweg in Leiden

How to get to Leiden by Plane:

  • Amsterdam Schiphol and use train to Leiden Centraal
  • Rotterdam Zestienhoven and use bus and use train to Leiden
  • Details click on: Airport Transfer

How to get to Leiden by Train:

Main Train stations (ICE, Thalys) are Rotterdam, Leiden, Amsterdam.

Details click on: Netherlands Railways


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