Dutch Occultation Association
25th European Symposium on Occultation Projects
25th-27th August 2006
Tourist information
In the vicinity of Leiden there are many tourist sites. The main tourist attraction of 2006 is the 400th anniversary mof the birth of the most famous painter in the world Rembrandt. For this reason it is good to make a reservation of a hotel
as soon as possible.

Of course there are other many attractive sites about culture, architecture, art, etc. Leiden is near the beach of the North Sea and our country has beautiful sand beaches. So if you like this, it is possible to rent holiday houses.

Below you will find some sites to start your preparation of a visit to our country and the ESOP (or is it to the ESOP and our country?)

Leiden Tourist information: Holland Rijnland
Hortus Botancus: Nationaal Herbarium is very close to the Leiden Observatory. When you visit it on Friday 25th it is a 5 minutes walk from there to the old Observatory, which you can already see when you are in the gardens.

Site www.holland.com gives you very much information about tourist information of our country. You will find your own language (23!).


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