25th European Symposium on Occultation Projects 25th-27th August 2006
 Dutch Occultation Association
25th European Symposium on Occultation Projects
25th-27th August 2006
Registration info
End of March 2006 every participant of ESOP XXIII or XXIV will get a message to register for ESOP XXV. The deadline for ESOP XXV is July 15th for reduced fees.
Same date, and also, for pre paid. Note that if the minimum number of participants has not been reached at July 15th we have to cancel that excursion because of the reservation possibilities of the coach.
Every member of ESOP XXII and XXIV who has not registered at July 1st will get a message to confirm he will not join ESOP XXV.

Registrations will be valid only after the LOC (Local Organisation Committee) has received the payments of the conference fee by dead line of July 15th. This is also valid for the excursions. In spite of the dead line all participants are requested to register as early as possible for ESOP lecture program and ESOP excursion program.

Note that everybody has to submit both a registration form
and a payment (very important for partner of member).

Please complete all the applicable fields of the registration form.
You are requested to send the registration form by e-mail.

The fees should be transferred (cost free for DOA) to the bank account below:
Ned. ver. Waarnemers v. Sterbedekkingen
Benedendorpsestraat 18
7038 BC Zeddam
Postbank Account nr 836 56 00
IBAN code NL97 PSTB 0008 3656 00
ESOP 2006 and name of participant P/your name or S/partner name.

Note: Bank costs for DOA to earn your fees will be asked from you at the registrations desk. If this will happen you get a message after your fees have been earned.

Confirmation of registration
Please wait three weeks before contacting the registration office regarding the status of your application. A confirmation letter will
be sent within two weeks after the receipt of your registration.
Also a confirmation letter will be sent within two weeks after the receipt of your payment. If you don’t receive a confirmation within three weeks, please contact our registration office: +31 6 188 345 02.

All cancellations have to be made by a written letter to the
registration office.
Cancellations received before July 15th will be refunded 100%. Before August 1st cancellations will be refunded 80% of the fees for the lecture program and 50% of the excursion program. For cancellations received after August 1st no refunds are possible.

When personal information is requested, you can call + 31 6 188 345 02.

Extra information about payments
When you are in an EU-country, the best way to pay is by IBAN and BIC with shared cost (nobody pays). If you are not in an EU-country, this is not possible. The best is to pay by PAYPAL. If you want to do that,
write Henk Bril an e-mail to get the correct account numbers.

Conditions and regulations

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