European Symposium on Occultation Projects 25th-27th August 2006
 Dutch Occultation Association
25th European Symposium on Occultation Projects
25th-27th August 2006
Program ESOP XXV
Friday, August 25th
Location: Observatory “Leidse Sterrewacht”
2311 GW Leiden
18:00 Entrance Observatory and registration
19:00 Opening talk Harrie Rutten, President DOA, Chairman LOC
19:05 Opening talk Hans-Joachim Bode, President IOTA-ES
19:10 Opening talk Henk Olthof, Chairman KNVWS*
19:20 Regulations about tours in Observatory, Wim Nobel, LOC
19:30 Opening Buffet
20:15...21:30 Every 15 minutes starts a tour, max. 10 pers. Duration 1 hour
22:15 Closing Buffet
23:00 Closing Observatory
* KNVWS = Koninklijke Nederlandse Vereniging voor Weer- en Sterrenkunde which means  Royal Dutch Association for Meteorology and Astronomy
Saturday, August 26th
Location: Leiden University
Gorlaeus Laboratorium
Einsteinweg 55
2333 CC Leiden
From Until Lecturer Title
8:15 Opening Gorlaeus Laboratory
8:30 Opening Conference Room
Board messages
9:00 9:05 Harrie Rutten Opening ESOP XXV day 1
Session: History
Session chairman: Harrie Rutten
9:05 9:25 Wim Nobel Leidse Sterrewacht (Leiden Observatory)
9:25 9:40 Hans Joachim Bode ESOP I - ESOP XXV /
A brief Review of its History and Highlights
9:40 10:20 Dr. Eberhard Bredner My twenty five years of video observation
10:20 10:45 Coffee / Tea break
Session: Techniques
Session chairman: Adri Gerritsen
10:45 11:15 Wolfgang Beisker The Pluto Occultation on the 12th of June 2006….
The atmosphere is still alive !
11:15 11:45 Thomas Flatres How to manage several consecutive occultations
11:45 12:15 Detlef Koschny Smart-1 will impact the moon -
proposed observations and expected results
12:15 13:30 Lunch
Board messages
13:30 13:35 Harrie Rutten Opening
Session: Eclipses
Session chairman: Eric Limburg
13:35 14:05 Adri Gerritsen Computer Similation of the Baily's Beads
14:05 14:20 Hans-Joachim Bode Determining Variations of the
Diameter of the Sun
14:20 14:45 Carles Schnabel Our grazing observation of the
annular solar eclipse on 2005 Oct 3rd
14:45 15:15 Martina Haupt Bailey's Beads in Tunisia
15:15 15:45 Coffee / Tea break
Session: Observing
Session chairman: Jan Maarten Winkel
15:45 16:10 Pawel Maksym Total Solar Eclipse Polish Expedition Egypt 2006
16:10 16:45 Jan Manek Small tool for total occultation
observers (SW for PDA)
16:45 17:20 Steve Preston Analysing video's from occultations by asteroids
Board messages
17:20 17:25 Harrie Rutten Info Social Dinner and closing
17:30 18:00 Closing Gorleaus Laboratory
Social Dinner
Rest. Haagse Schouw (Hotel v.d. Valk) Haagse Schouwweg 14 Leiden
19:30 Entrance dining room
22:30 Closing dining room
Sunday, August 27th
Location: Leiden University
Gorlaeus Laboratorium
Einsteinweg 55
2333 CC Leiden
From Until Lecturer Title
8:15 Opening Gorlaeus Laboratory
8:30 Opening Conference Room
Board messages
9:00 9:05 Harrie Rutten Opening ESOP XXV day 2
Session: Observing
Session chairman: Jan Maarten Winkel
9:05 9:20 Vaclav Priban Using of the Occultation Technique for
Measuring of the Sun Chromosphere Thickness
9:20 9:50 Hans Govaarts How DOA prepares expeditions to
grazing occultations in the Netherlands
9:50 10:05 Harrie Rutten “Optical improvement in Cassegrain like telescope systems for observing occultations”
10:05 10:20 Wim Nobel Occultation of Regulus by Rodope
10:25 11:00 Coffee / Tea break
Session: Hardware
Session chairman: Hans-Joachim Bode
11:00 11:20 Pawel Maksym Faint Star Grazing Occultation registered in Poland
11:50 11:50 Wolfgang Beisker Towards a New Occultation Camera:
Investigation of CCD chips
11:50 12:30 Hellmuth Cuno &
Harrie Rutten
Optical Time Inserter for Webcams
12:30 13:30 Lunch
Board messages
13:40 13:45 Harrie Rutten Opening
Session: Software
Session chairman: Adri Gerritsen
13:45 14:05 Jan Manek
(on behalf of Petr Mudra)
Simple Chronograph ACH 77
14:05 14:25 Andrej Plekhanov Using OrbFit Linux version to
making asteroid orbit updates
14:25 15:00 Eric Limburg LOW 4.0 - the latest developments
15:00 15:30 Coffee / Tea break
Session: Future activities and miscelanious
Session chairman: Eberhard Bredner
15:30 15:50 Detlef Koschny The Koschny observatory -
A new private observatory in the Netherlands
15:50 16:30 Steve Preston Asteroid Occultation Prediction Process
16:30 16:45 Jan Manek
Board messages
16:45 16:50 Harrie Rutten Messages about the excursions
16:50 17:00 Harrie Rutten Closing ESOP XXV
17:15 Closing ConferenceRoom
18:00 Closing Gorleaus Laboratory

Monday, August 28th
Excursion to ESA (European Space Agency):
This excursion includes: Factory tour(!), Lunch, Visit to Space Expo. To get a factory tour at ESA is very special. Now you have the opportunity to see the holy ground of the European Space Agency where satellites are designed, built and tested.
see: Estec
see: SpaceExpo
Meeting point: to define at 9:00
Back at meeting point approx. 17:00
For the detailed program see also Excursion ESA.

    • Minimum 15
    • Maximum 46
    • Actual: 46

Canal tour in Leiden.
This tour includes a diner.
Meeting point: to be define at 18:15
Canal tour of 1½ hours.
The canal tour without dinner is not possible.
See: Leidse Rederij

    • Minimum 15
    • Maximum 60
    • Actual: 31

Tuesday, August 29th
Excursion to Museum Boerhaave in Leiden and
Sonnenborgh Observatory in Utrecht.
Meeting point:
Museum Boerhaave 10:00
Group lunch near Museum
14:00 Bus transfer to Utrecht
Back at main Railway station in Leiden approx. 18h00
See: Museum Boerhaave
See: Sonnenborgh

    • Minimum 15
    • Maximum 50
    • Actual: 33

Wednesday, August 30th
Excursion to the Delta works
This excursion shows you how the Dutch fight against the water. About half of the country is below see level (down to -10 meters). This means not only dikes and mills to pump the water back into the sea, but also huge constructions to safeguard the land against the water, while still keeping Rotterdam reachable for ships and preserving the unique salty water environment in the Oosterschelde, which is of high value for nature and oyster cult.
See: DeltaWerken
Meeting point: to define 8:30
Bus tour takes the whole day, including a lunch.
Back at meeting point approx. 18:00

    • Minimum 15
    • Maximum 50
    • Actual: 22


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