Koninklijke Nederlandse Vereninging voor weer en sterrenkunde
The DOA organizes a number of activities in order to fulfill its goal of promoting observations of celestial occultation events. Among them are: providing its new members with brochures on how to obtain predictions of and observe and record occultation phenomena, advising them on anything related to (observing)   occultation phenomena, producing lists of predictions of occultation events for them, the organization of grazing occultation expeditions, publishing its (often humorous)  quarterly journal Occultus, giving lectures to interested astronomy groups, publishing free software to calculate predictions, record observations and view animations of the moon and occulted stars or planets, giving last minute warnings to observers of upcoming and likely occultations of stars by asteroids, sending the observations to the International Lunar Occultation Center (ILO) in Japan, and sending the ILOC observation reduction results back to its members.
As a result of all this we hope to infect all exposed to our activities with the 'occultation virus'. We sincerely hope it will result in a lifelong passion for observing occultations. They are, without any doubt, among astronomy's most exciting and sometimes downright spectacular events.

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